Not sure how often you get thanks for all you do, but I wanted to give you a hearty thank you for instilling a strong foundation of education and knowledge of the Real Estate industry. I am proud to report in the short time since I’ve been selling real estate (remember I graduated in October) I have brought on three listings with one more on the way soon. I have a solid pipleine of buyers, and I have an estimated sales goal of over $5 million in my first year. Now, of course this has been hard work, and I am always working on tweaking how I run my business, but I am so happy that I started with a solid foundation that I could build upon. I am now with Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach “The Hugh Merkle Team” in Stone Harbor, and couldn’t be happier. The right fit makes all the difference. I am also excited to share that I have begun working the peak producers program developed by Brian Buffini and Company, it really is about buillding a solid referral network in our industry and striving to work by only by referral. That is my goal for this year.

With that, if you or anyone you know ever needs the assitance of a Real Estate Professional, please think of me. I am never too busy for your referrals.


All the best,

David Kinsey


Hi Donna,
I just wanted to tell you I passed my test yesterday.  Thank you again for being a hands on great teacher.  I will recommend your class to anyone interested in real estate.  I am trying to talk my husband into taking it so we can work as a team.
Thanks again.

Hi Donna!

Just wanted to let you know I took the state exam today and passed!! Thank you for your help and guidance!

I’ll keep you posted on my next move 🙂

Dena Olivieri